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Production of Monoshell Fingersafe Panels

We produce fingersafe panels in 3 heights:500-555 et 610 mmm. Those are of monoshell type: the nose and the female part of the panel are profiled in the only external sheet. The interior sheet is covering the shell thus formed.

Fingersafe profile for a favourable answer to the standards in force.

The sheets have a thickness of 0,48mm at outside and 0,30mm inside
A plastic protection film is affixed on the two sides of the panel, avoiding any damage during handling of this one.
Seal EPDM placed in female part :

Its housing in the female part makes that it only undergoes a compression, contrary to the joints placed in the nose of the traditional panels which also undergo frictions able to dislodge them.
This also makes it possible to fix a door bottom seal directly into the panel and avoids the cost of a fixing steel or aluminium profile.
Lastly, the position of the seal makes it possible to paint the panel without having to remove it.

The placing of the hinge shaft on the inside avoids any problem of hinge positioning. The passage of the tappers through minimum three thicknesses of steel ensures the solidity of their maintenance and avoids the use of reinforcements.


Polyester or plastisol coating


Galvanised steel Z225


Galvanised steel Z100


Polyester coating


Advantages of the monoshell system


The monoshell system induces a steel connection between the inside and the outside of the panel, which increases its rigidity.

Dimensional stability

In thickness :


compared with a traditional panel, the quantity or the density of foam influences much less the thickness of the panel. This one is determined by the profiling of the external sheet.

In height :


only one sheet avoids the problem of fitting between the two sheets of a traditional panel.

Tolerances :


associated with our automated profiling line, the principle monoshell offers high precision and tight tolerances.

This dimensional stability allows in addition :


the easy realization of wicket doors

to avoid the problems of friction between panels when the door is moving.




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