Residential door - Range- Presentation

Our residential panels are defined by a reference and a color code. The reference specifies the design, the embossing and the height of the panel, among the following possibilities.


In order to uniformly distribute the lines on the height of the doors, even if the combination of panels of 500 and 610mm is needed, we propose the panels RV of 610mm in versions centered, up or down.

Like the RV panel, the RC 610mm is available in versions centered, up or down. Over the length, the distance between the cassettes is 80 mm minimum. See our product files to discover the many possibilities on this subject.


All the residential panels are available in the following color :


Garage door panels are available in 3 types of surface : smooth (without embossing), woodgrain or stucco embossed.




Inner side

The internal side of the residential panels is always ribbed, stucco embossed and of color RAL 9010.




Among our many references, our configurator will guide you to define the one you want

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