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Production of traditional panels

We produce industrial port panels in 4 height : 488, 500, 610 and 732mm. By combining them, you minimize the production falls and obtain an aesthetic door with optimal operation whatever its height.

The inner and outer steel plates have a thickness of 0.48 mm.
A plastic protection film is affixed on the two sides of the panel, thus avoiding any damage during handling of this one. This film however leaves a free zone on the top and bottom on the internal side, in order to facilitate its removal once the hinges are in place.
The use of top and bottom seals maintained in place by sheets and linked with the foam avoids the use of plastic tape which can comes off with time.
The compression of the top and bottom seals during the assembly of the panels ensures a perfect air and water tightness.
The low return of external sheet is predeformed, in way to limit the visual effects outside the door in the event of excessive tightening of the tappers to height of the hinges.
The technical features and the results of the tests of conformity to the European standards in force are included in the technical handbook, available via our website or on request by any other means.



To produce our panels, we use galvanized and prelacquered steel sheets whose diagram shows you the detail of the various layers of protection. The obtained coating offers a resistance to the hardest atmospheric conditions for many years.


Polyester or plastisol coating


Galvanised steel Z225


Galvanised steel Z100


Polyester coating



The positioning of the hinges is traditional : their axis must be aligned perfectly with that of the junction of the panels between them.

The passage of the tappers through three thicknesses of steel sheet ensures the solidity of their maintenance and avoids the use of reinforcements. :




Among our many references, our configurator will guide you to define the one you want

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