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That it acts of industrial or residential panels, and in addition to their qualitative and technical arguments, we propose a multitude of ancillary services to their simple supply



Whatever the type of panel, we can produce it in lengths ranging between 2000 and 13 500 mm.


a label mentioning the n° of order, the type, the number, the length and the color of the panels as well as the n° of order and the date of manufacture is affixed on each package.


we propose 3 types of packaging for panels: wooden pallets, wood boards and polystyrene blocks, or all polystyrene. According to the type chosen, the panels canbe packed per quantities going from 16 to pieces.

Packaging sense

The panels can be packed up exterior upwards or to the bottom in order to adapt as well as possible to your production requirements and to avoid superfluous handling.


If a collection by your care is of course possible, we can undertake the delivery of your orders to the address of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us to know our conditions.


Each type of panel have at one's disposal a detailed data sheet. A technical handbook shows moreover all that you must know concerning the panels, their transport and their implementation.

Make your job easy !

You can order by all traditional means (mail, fax, e-mail) but our site www.epco.be allows you, via your customer space, to do it very simply: specify the reference, the color, the length and the number of the desired panels and you receive your acknowledgement instantaneously.

Our website includes a panel configurator which will help you in a wink to find the reference you look for. It is also integrated into the online order form.

Furthermore, your customer space constantly enables you to consult the state of your orders like their manufacturing lead time.




Among our many references, our configurator will guide you to define the one you want

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